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Turmeric Soap

Turmeric Soap

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Our organic hand made soaps are gentle enough for the face and body. Our soaps not only hydrate but they target your struggle areas. The Turmeric organic soap is used to open your pores & unclogs them. 

Ingredients: Organic turmeric, vitamins A & E, vegetable glycerin, shea butter, lemon grass, vegan collagen, Halal Germall, hyaluronic acid, aloe Vera, coconut oil 

Size: 4oz

How To Use: Lather bar of soap in your hand or on your wash cloth and apply directly to body and cleanse 

Benefits & Uses: 

  •  Antibacterial & antifungal
  • Gentle for face and body and people of all ages 
  • Helps fight acne by toning your skins tissues
  • Unclogs pores 
  • Balances your skin 

Glad to inform you: 

  • NO Artificial Colours or Fragrances
  • NO Harsh Chemicals
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Detergents (SLS/SLES)
  • NO Alcohol
  • NO Petrochemicals
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