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Simply Irresistible Beauty

Simply Satin Scrunchie

Simply Satin Scrunchie

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Our SIB luxury satin scrunchies are all you need for a quick ponytail or bun without worry if it’ll cause breakage or damage to your SIB extensions or natural hair. Our satin scrunchies are made with 22mm MOMME and are beneficial to the hair. 

Our scrunchies are

  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Reduces friction 
  • Prevents drying of the hair and breakage
  • prevents sweating during the night 

Weighs: 0.2oz/ 4g 

Machine washable

Allow it to air dry for longevity (optional) 


All of our products offer the best quality and medical grade material to match our companies model for offering and providing luxury products to our clients.


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Our nourishing growth oil has helped over 250+ people grow their hair back? Reduces inflammation & irritation on their scalps? It’s your turn to join the scalp healing journey.

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