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Men Hair Piece/ Topper + Install



  • Shop location:  3644 Boston Road Lexington, KY 40514
  • Stylist: Christina Hudson
  • Tues 9am-12:30pm; Wednesday-Saturday 9am-3:30pm
  • When you first come in it will be for a consultation (free of charge) your measurements will be taken, material selected, some minor health background questions (skin & allergy related) and you will be given the option to pay up front or when product is finished for an install  **You may book an install to have your hair unit properly installed upon its completion install is NOT included in the $99 sale price**

Out-Of-State Residents

  • Supplies you will need: plastic wrap, scotch tape, PERMANENT MARKER, another person for help if you can
  • you will ship head mold to: 120 Marketplace Cir Ste C-358 Georgetown, KY 40324
  • you will be notified once unit is halfway completed for final once over before it is shipped back to you


You wigs repair service is based off the amount of work needed. You will receive a in-person or virtual consultation for your expectations of your wigs finished look. Color is optional it is not required. Once hair unit is completed you will be sent an email once it is shipped (out of state residents); you will receive a text message & email for pick-up or drop off (local residents) 


Out of state residents are responsible for shipping to Simply Irresistible Beauty Ltd. Co & Simply Irresistible Beauty Ltd. co is responsible for shipping the product back to you. We use the local USPS service and a signature & ID is required upon return delivery to you. 

Thank you for choosing us❤️