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Simply Irresistible Beauty

Leave-In-Conditioner 8oz

Leave-In-Conditioner 8oz

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Our leave in conditioner has detangling agents that is meant to soothe and nourish and detangle type 4C hair specifically. Hand crafted at SIB 

This is by far our clients favorite product in our natural hair care line. 

⚠️ Warning: Raw organic coconut milk is used in this product. If you are unsure if you have  an allergy spray this on the inside of your wrist and  wait to see do you have an allergic reaction. Immediately discontinue use if there’s a reaction and return to us for a full refund. Please do NOT use after allergic reaction immediately contact us and return using the return label that came with your order. Please drop it to your nearest USPS you have 24hrs from the time of allergic reaction to contact us with your reaction and to get it back to us within 3-4 business days for a full refund. 


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