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Knot Sealer

Knot Sealer

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To prevent shedding after ventilating or those who prefer to pluck apply a thin layer of knot sealer to the underside of your lace frontal or wig & allow it to dry overnight.


  • brush along the underside of the lace 
  • one thin layer 
  • do not go over that layer multiple times 
  • allow it to air dry for 1 hour 
  • apply the 2nd coat & allow it to dry for 8hrs or overnight 

 Ingredients: Liquid plastic 

⚠️ Warning: DO NOT APPLY TO SKIN! IF THIS GETS ON YOUR SKIN RINSE WITH A MILD SOAP AND WARM WATER IF IT GETS IN YIUR EYES OR MOUTH GONTO THE EMERGENCY ROOM! THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR CONSUMPTION‼️ DO NOT APPLY TOO MUCH!! It will leave a yellow tint if you do. ! thin layer s good enough. I would not recommend apply a hair dryer to it either  or it may alter its appearance. The sealant dries clear when it is used correctly


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