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Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids

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We provide the hair for our braids, locs & twist services (only colors 1 & 1B). Cut the headache and book your appointment. All services are eligible for Sezzle & Shop pay (preferred method of pay) 

  • 1 & 1B only (you MUST provide the color hair) 
  • Braider + Assistant (sometimes just braider)
  • Detangling can be added as an add-on service
  • Wash & Dry can be added as an add-on service
  • ends can be dipped straight or curly (your preference) 
  • Natural hair trim before service can be an add-on 
  • extend braids beyond mid back must select “extended” under add-on services 

What to bring: 

  • Yourself & an android charger if you have an android phone 
  • Light sweater or jacket in case you get cold 
  • Our suite can not hold extra people unless they are being serviced no extra people allowed (unless you are the parent or guardian you must remain with the minor (under 18) during the entire service) 
  • If you want to add on extra services please book them before arrival so that your timing is set up and we do not run into another clients appointment 
  • If you come with your hair still with the last style installed you will need to reschedule unless you have booked a take down service (for any braids locs, twist styles a take down is full service price) 


Size Chart (depending on your head size): 

  • Mirco: over 300 braids 
  • Small: 100-300 Braids 
  • Medium: 50-75 Braids 
  • Large: 25-50
  • Jumbo: 12-25


• 22 Denier Film Lace

• SIB 22” raw Indian human hair


• 21.5-25” Circumference

Care information

• Make sure you’re removing your SIB unit and placing it onto a dome or mannequin head to maintain its longevity.
• Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo & conditioner as needed allowing the unit to air dry for best drying results

**Stlying tip: while damp apply your product then take your favorite rods or curlers and apply them in the direction your want your curl pattern or to allow volume in the hair so that it dries completely giving your units the desired look without the heat you’re looking for**

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Take care of your hair under your protective styles

Our healthy hair care line is just what you need to take care of your natural hair under your units and in between your installs. Our leave-in-conditioner apples the mosquito and nutrients you need then sealing it all in with out nourishing growth oil. You can purchase the kit or the products individually. Get yours today before they run out. They’ve been selling out and aren’t to launch until August 27th

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