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SIB Nourishing Growth Oil

SIB Nourishing Growth Oil

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To combate hair loss and promote hair growth we did it. 

Seeing our customers suffering from hair loss or not understanding why their hair isn’t healthy or growing we wanted to get to the sword of it and we have. 

Our nourishing growth oil is lightweight and can be used daily. With consistency you will see growth. The CBD oil helps to reduce any inflammation on the scalp. 

Ingredients: aqua, CBD, aloe Vera, vitamins, protein, marula oil, keratin, tea tree, castor oil, organic coconut oil, castor oil, biotin, collagen, minoxidil, provitamin, lavender oil, vitamins A, C & E


if you have any allergic reactions immediately discontinue use ‼️


All of our products offer the best quality and medical grade material to match our companies model for offering and providing luxury products to our clients.


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Our nourishing growth oil has helped over 250+ people grow their hair back? Reduces inflammation & irritation on their scalps? It’s your turn to join the scalp healing journey.

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