Why the beauty industry?

Why the beauty industry?

I get this question from people other than my circle. I am a woman of color & damn proud of it. But why this business? I should be asking why not? The black dollar is one of the biggest dollars spent daily to maintain our hair & looking for the best products and they be explained by someone that looks just like us it even more the reason to do it.

I can recall since being a kid my mom running to the hair store to get hair products. I remember my aunt sending me to the African braiding salon because nobody liked doing my hair due to me being tender headed lol I still am that's why I do my own hair lol. Black hair has got to be some of the best hair known. This is my opinion btw lol. But lets be real not only do we ALL have a unique curl pattern our hair is what we call "Black Girl Magic". Anyways back on topic why the beauty industry? I've always wanted to do something in the beauty industry just not sure exactly what. I have 2 daughters and and a son. I am constantly doing their hair.

We moved to Georgetown, KY and there is not 1 single store that caters to black hair. I have met so many women out here with biracial daughters who are slapping perms/relaxers in their daughters hair calling it "too kinky" like girl what?! That's beautiful hair you're frying up the wrong way smh I won't go too much into that lol but you know what im saying. I am in this business because I want to bring quality to the growing city, I want to not hear another woman say "dang I gotta run to Lexington to the hair store"


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