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Collection: Toppers (Coming Soon Updates vary)

Hand knotted/ventilated by Christina Hudson all lace toppers are made using a variety of the bets laces on the market. Every piece will have the lace type in the description along with the texture and rawness of the hair. Custom toppers can be requested using the custom order form on the homepage & menu bar. 

all products are produced by hand they will be added to site as they are created. 

  • 2x6 closure 
  • 4x4 Closure 
  • 5x5 Closure 
  • 6x6 Closure 
  • 7x7 Closure 
  • 13x4 Frontal
  • 13x6 Frontal 
  • toppers
  • napes
  • crowns
  • & more