Collection: Create Your Custom Unit

Thank you for choosing Simply Irresistible Beauty for your custom hand tied wigs. By choosing us to bring your vision to life you’ve chosen a company that cares.

All of our custom orders are completed by your request with the selections you’ll be making. Choose your wig type such as Closure, Frontal or Cranial Prosthesis (medical use only), you’ll select everything from the texture to the color & style. All of our wigs have a base starting price and your selections will adjust the prices accordingly. We made things simple for you so we can know exactly what you want and how you want it. If you are having any troubles don’t hesitate to select “contact us” and send us an email so we can respond. Thank you. 

All Sales Are Final! No refunds! No exchanges! You must use an inspiration photo as close as possible to your desired look. You will have opportunities before the wig ships for a final once over to verify all of your needs were met. All wig units come with a 1 year free warranty on repairs. If you alter your wig unit in any way such as color it outside of what we have done your warranty is automatically expired. If you would like a specific color or would like to have one created for you please make sure that you select that on your order form. All required fields must be completed.