Ventilated frontal wig

The beginning to a beautiful story

I just love to learn & create masterpieces. I got into the wig making business at a very young age. 10 years old to be exact; my aunt cut my hair off right before I started 6th grade and talk about low self esteem 😨 phew did I have it and I’ve always been a social person even at a young age just and at times I’d just stay to myself. 

Beginning of middle school I had an S-curl 😫 so on top of always having the thickest hair in my entire family I had an s-curl place in my hair I remember the burn as my cousin Dorsey gave me a cut & line up lord! My hair cut was sharper than the boys lol I hated it! I first started to braid my own hair in individual braids I knew i could do them on my dolls Head so why not my own?! They were trash and I remember lol I didn’t even care I just wanted to hurry and grow my hair back lol then I started making glue cap wigs (if you know you know they were the best and def custom fit & styled wigs ever 😂. My speciality was the Tara cap wigs & the mullet style wig! Matter fact I’m actually going to re-great those wigs and share them online lol anyways my aunt Sonya had her own salon since before I was born. So I always loved the hairstylist life she traveled to different states and performed in hair shows and of course I thought since I knew how to braid and do weave caps and people started letting me do theirs by 7th grade I’m like why not lol I even braided my cousins hair for under her wig and her prom dates hair for their senior prom ❤️. I started to learn of different names of wig & what they stand for. In 2018 when I was launching my business I wanted to know how could I get my business to be more cost efficient for clients who are suffering from Alopecia, cancer or any other conditions that causes hair loss but for the insurance to cover the cost. **coming soon to Simply Irresistible Beauty, LTD. Co.**, 

I first googled “what is the name of the thing they do to put the hair through the holes on lace wigs?” Marquetta Breslin YouTube page along side the words “ventilating” popped up. And that was in 2017 before the legal establishment of my company. I started studying her YouTube page and practicing how to ventilate do that I can create my own cranial prosthesis to sell. For me it’s not just about the money it’s more so my passion to help create a difference and make a change. 

Here is is 3 years later and I’m going for my passion sometimes it’s hard to focus with so much things going on in my personal life so I’ll take a week off to dedicate my mental well being to supporting and providing for my family only. My mother is in the hospital sick & she already has traction Alopecia undiagnosed due to she missed her appointment to confirm it. When she comes home since I already have her hair measurements her wig will be nice and ready and she hates long hair so I will have her a nice short bob style wig ready to go. 

Anyways back to creating them for the public... only time and god will bless me to bless someone else’s life as I have for my mother & self all these years

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Do you do braids, crochet braids?

terrie parris

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