• Juneteenth Celebration Week of June 12th-18th

    Come enjoy out $6.18 Quickweave the week of June 12th-18th. You must provide the hair & the styling is not included. You leave out will be the only part pressed and blended. You can make an appointment or call/text for a walk-in.

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  • Vote for me as the Ultímate Hair Stylist 2022

    I was invited to be a participant this year by Jeffery of the Ultimate Hair Stylist 2022 nominee and it is beyond exciting. I’ve always loved arts and the beauty industry is a big canvas for me to showcase my artwork. Below you can vote for me as many times as you’d like for me to win the ultimate haír stylist 2022 thank you for your vote 🫶🏾

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  • 4th Royal Hair Extravaganza

    Join us as we participate in the amateur competition we have 25 mins to perform on stage and I can’t wait for you all to see just what we have in store! We will have a private link for our showcase tickets will be on sale starting May 16th (virtual option available)

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  • Bronner Bros Hair Show Miami 2022

    We will be in booth 1313 at the Miami Beach Convention Center from August 27th-29th come by and shop with us, take photos at our Photo Booth & enjoy free samples. We will be featuring Its_@utmnn. Co products and showcasing our skills and discounted courses and more. We are so excited it’s been 2 years since C19 has interrupted our grand entrance. To watch us online purchase tour ticket here

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Welcome To Simply Irresistible Beauty

We are a raw human hair supplier & product manufacturer. Offering only top quality services and products at SIB. Foucsing on not only the beauty of the hair & scalp but also the health. We specialize in type 4 hair and those suffering from hair loss due to Alopecia, Cancer, Autoimmune Disorders & more. You may book a consultation or service with our stylist Christina Hudson under the services menu.

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We have been teaching the art of ventilating to students worldwide and now it’s your turn. Join our online acamedy of hand-tied the art of ventilating course and learn how to repair wigs, create them from scratch and add a new service to your wig making company or create a new side hustle.

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  • Bespoke Units

    Our units are hand tied and custom fit to your desired preference. At Simply Irresistible Beauty we take our sourced top quality raw human hair extensions and they are processed to create hand tied units that are due for the crown. With a one (1) year warranty give your crown the crown it deserves.

  • Did you know?!

    Our wig units can be covered by your medical insurance? Yes we accept medical insurance as another payment option for those who are dealing with hairloss due to alopecia, cancer, chemo, autoimmune disorders and more. For more information book a consultation at the link belo

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  • Cranial Prosthesis & Their benefits

    Wigs go by so many names and cranial prosthesis is the medical term for them as well. We are a manufacture of our own hair care products as well as wig units and pieces such as toupees. We cater to those dealing with hair loss as well as offering preventative solutions to those dealing with hair loss. Consultations are a requirement for all out of medical wigs. If you’re interested in a bespoke (custom) unit and know your measurements place your order today

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Multimedia collage

eBooks & Digital Products

eBooks & Digital Products

daily I receive emails or just people wanting to talk in person... 

  • Nourishing Growth Oil

    Knowing we have a product line made for type 4C hair and they not only hydrate & moisturize but grow and strengthen the bonds in your hair. Giving hair loss and people who struggle with growth and the right products for their hair some relief

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  • Leave-In-Conditoner

    Our leave in conditioner was made specially for our type 4C family in mind. The thicker your hair and tighter your curls the less moisture we get and I created a product designed with us in mind. Our leave in cod timer has detangling agents that help not only detangle your hair but stretch your natural curls without damaging. The benefits of organic coconut milk with all of its nutrients and anti-inflammatory agents is why we utilize it in our product. This is the top seller amongst our clients in the salon and across the country.

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